Developing Wireless Connected Technologies
From Devices, Servers and High-End Application Interfaces

With specific expertise in Industrial Hazardous & Extreme Environments

We have engineered several HMI interfaces

From 3D/GIS systems, Satellite/Map Overlay, Mission Planning Tools and high end complex data visualization systems

We have expertise in
C++/Java/HTML5 interfaces. 
Working with 3D graphics engines, Audio, Video Streaming and interfaces to large databases with high frequency updates

Our systems run on desktops, tablets and mobile devices, with customers in Enterprise, Industry, Oil & Gas & Military

Our server systems are designed to handle large databases of high frequency updates from sensor networks for tracking personnel, vehicles and assets.  In addition to the analytics that provide alarms and warning systems for industrial monitoring and emergency situational awareness

We have developed of wireless devices from conception, board bring up, right through to production for our customers.  From complex smart phones to micro devices with experience in complex certifications of PTCRB, FCC, UL and ATEX for explosive environments.  

Working with a wide range of Radio & Network solutions, from GSM, WIFI, Bluetooth, ISM and Satellite communications with experience of the limitations and design constraints that each Radio system defines.

Developing low level encryption solutions for mission critical applications